Make Tanzanians receive funds with PayPal

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PayPal tried to point out why Tanzanians cannot receive money but they weren't specific.

PayPal claimed that Tanzanian laws and regulations do not comply with international laws and regulations - the main reason Tanzanians cannot receive money via PayPal. Tanzania's financial laws and regulations are open for public scrutiny at Bank of Tanzania's website. I asked PayPal to point out the exact Paragraph or line that is flawed. They didn't want to point out claiming that it that was against their policies. So I have added Bank of Tanzania (the body responsible for Tanzania's financial laws and regulations) to this petition's decision makers. Because I can understand PayPal cannot discus the specifics with an individual (like me) but I am sure they can negotiate with Bank of Tanzania (BOT). I am convinced that BOT and PayPal can make it work.

Calistus Kavindi
4 years ago