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Its time for Waterloo supporters of Fireworks to Rise Up! Voices make the Choices

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Our City officials has been hounded and hounded with "complaints" and opposed views towards the use of fireworks in Waterloo. Let's show them what the true majority thinks and put this to rest. By signing this petition, you are acknowledging you are in favor and in support of a new proposed solution that is a compromise for all. Obviously we all know people have and will continue to abuse the use, regardless of city regulations. This proposal would provide those of US who wish to participate, but within regulations, a small but respectable window to do just that. It is up to the city to establish repercussions for anyone violating the regulations, regardless of what they may be. By no means should any regulation be written in the assumption of it being abused or designed around existing abuse. We have the right to obey the law and celebrate our freedom with the use of fireworks, respectably. Current city regulation on the table is for fireworks to only be used from June 30th-July 5th but the city is getting request for an all out ban because of noise. Is that a compromise? Pretty sorry attempt at one if it is. So here is what this petition and it's supporters will present to the council.

As for who and where they can be shot off, same as Iowa law is written. As for the time frame:

July 1st-3rd: Noon-10 pm

July 4th: Noon-Midnight

Notice this is less time in the summer than already allowed? (THAT'S compromise!)

Dec 31st (New Years Eve): noon-1 am (going just an hour past midnight to allow for the New Year to be celebrated)

That's it! Less time than already allowed yet providing a respectable window to participate, legally.

Lets not be the Cedar Falls of this matter and ban without voice of the people.

Please consider signing before those willing to compromise lose the right while the abusers continue. Alcohol,firearms, and gas pedals, all require a person to take on their own responsibility to know and practice proper use. Communicate with your neighbors and come to agreements if there are opposing views. I truly believe the excessive use will thin down compared to the sudden availability and use from the"freshman year" last summer. If bicycles were not legal and required us to go to another state to purchase as far back as 1930, but all of a sudden available? Hell even I'd ride one for 20 miles first. Again, please consider signing and passing along to others before we lose this opportunity for no other reason than being the silent side.


Daniel Richtsmeier

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