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Trade change for bitcoin

This is a petition to appeal to Coinstar to create a system of Coinstar machines or add onto the current machines located at retail stores that would accept USD and other national currencies change in exchange for Bitcoin. This would make Bitcoin easily accessible to just about everyone. Recycling USD change into Bitcoins is a way of investing change that would be sitting around the house. This would also help in the adoption rate for Bitcoin in becoming a major currency and help establish trust having a company like Coinstar backing such a movement. With the help of Coinstar we can bring the accessibility of Bitcoin to nearly every town in the United States and other countries such as Canada, Ireland, and the United kingdom. 

A couple benefits for Coinstar is it will open up a whole new market to cash change too. As a lot of people know history tends to reward early adopters especially if Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies are the future.  This will also not only make current users happy but will make there machines much more valuable in everyday places by creating a market in an untapped field. 

Coinstar could even partner with coinbase or bitpay and only have to deal with software (mostly UI) side and let someone else deal with the bitcoins for a modest fee.

Just like investing in bitcoin it's high risk but low barrier to entry. Even if bitcoins lose you get experience in the crypto-currency market, necessary experience as we enter the new century, with nearly no risk exposure.

The up side could be astronomical on the other hand, especially with first mover advantage.

Either way a win-win scenario, with a minimal (and eventually necessary anyway) capital investment.

This petition was delivered to:
  • President of Coinstar
    Daniel Peck
  • Vice-President of New Ventures of Coinstar
    Peter Rowan
  • CEO of Coinstar
    J. Scott Di Valerio

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