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STOP The Order of Removal of Juan Francisco Garrido A#098563529

Everyday innocent families are being broken apart.
The sad truth of having parents, siblings, cousins, friends and neighbors taken away forever is hard to believe in this 21st century. Juan Francisco Garrido (A#098563529) is one of these unfortunate stories that needs to be turned around. Juan Francisco Garrido is the head of his house but most importantly a father and husband. Juan Francisco Garrido was first deported in 2005 but risked his life in coming back the same year to be with his family and support them financially. On December 3rd, 2013, someone called the police on his just for being undocumented, causing his arrest; leaving his 4 year old son, a United States Citizen, and his wife Lucilene Garrido alone and without a provider. 

Now at age 40 and with more than 10 years living, working and helping the United States economy his family and himself count on these signatures to help stop his deportation.

Please help reunite him with his baby boy and wife here, in the only country he calls home.

You can take action by signing this petition and calling the ICE office asking for Juan Francisco Garrido to be released and be reunited with his family.

Numbers to call:

  • ICE Deputy Director: Daniel H. Ragsdale
  • Assistant Field Office Director (Detention): Ramon Bado
  • Field Office Director (Krome): Michael D. Rozos
  • Facility Main Telephone Line: (305) 207-2001
  • Field Office Main Telephone Line: (954) 236-4900
  • Francisco's Deporter: Ms. Castano: (305) 207-2251

Here is a simply script of what to say when you call the ICE office.  

“Hi, my name is_____(Your Name)_________ and I am calling to ask ICE to stop the deportation of Juan Francisco Garrido: A# 099538835. Garrido has no criminal record and has been living in the U.S. since 2005, he has a 4 year-old son who is a United States Citizen, and a wife that needs his financial assistance. Please release Juan Francisco Garrido and let him be with his family who is in need of him."

This petition was delivered to:
  • ERO Outreach ICE
    Daniel H. Ragsdale

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