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Spotify: please add a button to send an instant payment of £1/$1/€1 direct to the artist!

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For its millions of users, Spotify is a wonderful service; it’s like having almost every song and album in the world in your own personal collection.  You want to hear something? Just type it in and start listening – and if you pay the monthly fee, the sound quality is very good too. So there’s really no reason to buy a download or a CD anymore, right? Wrong! For the artists, it’s not so good. Only the top international acts actually make any money from Spotify; smaller acts get absolutely peanuts, even when their music is streamed tens of thousands of times. It’s not that Spotify are at fault – there are genuine problems and licensing issues involved – but if the artists can’t afford to live, they’re not going to be able to continue to make music. Streaming music is here to stay - but the technology exists to enable Spotify (and the other streaming platforms) to add a simple ‘one click’ button to send a pound, euro or dollar direct to the artist that you’re listening to. Just a fraction of users doing this would make a tremendous difference to their income, and help them continue to make the music that you love. Make Spotify (and the other streaming services) do this – save the artists – save music!

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