Don't change the skins system in paladins

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I really like the current paladins skin system it's really unique for the genre but now Hi-rez is changing the system, The new system allows better skins sure but nobody is complaining about the current skins. I love to mix and math things and accessorise in games and in real life but with the new update that will be impossible, What's the fun if you just look like everyone else we (or atleast I) want to be unique and make my own skins with mix and match, it allows for freedom and creativity and I know you listen to your fanbase Hi-rez so please don't change the current system everybody loves it. It's like if everybody in real life could only select from a catalog of clothes and couldn't wear multiple e.g imagine if you couldn't wear a scarf without wearing a hat along with it, some people don't like hats, some like to show off their hair and some just like scarves as they are. All my favourite skin combinations will be ruined and I'll just be the same as every other player, some people like the simple design of the skins in paladins. I'd be really sad and disheartened if this feature was removed, so please don't change this Hi-rez this is my favourite game and I'd hate to see this unique feature removed. Thank you Daniel Campbell