Wear hats in Palisade High School

Wear hats in Palisade High School

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Honor Blevins started this petition to Daniel Bollinger and

At my high school, all students are unable to don hats and other appropriate headgear as they please. This is unwarranted and limiting. Three out of four of the other high schools in my district allow the use of hats and other such headgear during school hours. The restriction of wearing hats is an outdated and unjust ruling that limits student expression. 

This is not a large issue, this is a small piece of outdated malarkey that wasn't left behind in the past where it belongs. It won't affect much, or change much in the school, it will simply allow students another outlet to express themselves. 

Some frequently brought up issues regarding hats in schools:

  1. It's impolite to wear hats indoors, especially for men
    • This is an old way of thinking that many don't prescribe to anymore.
  2. They can disrupt peoples view
    • This is more of a height issue than a hat issue. 
  3. Colors and symbols on hats can commonly be associated with gang signs or activity
    • This is actually an issue that I can understand, gangs are prominent in Colorado and preventative measures can help, however, any other garment can send the exact same message a hat could. There is little to no reason to focus on hats in this context.
  4. Hats can be distracting, people can mess with them, take them from others, etc.
    • So can most other accessories, garments, supplies, what-have-you. Once again, no need to single out hats.
  5. Hats can increase the transmission of lice
    • A very valid point, however simply effectively informing students of this issue can massively decrease transmission.
  6. They can be used to conceal cheating implements or weapons
    • So can most other garments, specifically backpacks (which we are allowed to have with us throughout the day) and if cheating with hats is such an issue, why not just ask students to remove them during tests?

I will restate that this is not some nationwide petition to fix our education system, it is merely a call to fix a single, simple rule.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!