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EA Battlefield 1 Privately/Locally Hosted Servers!

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EA has decided to make all their servers hosted on their platforms and by their rules, this is fine if you have EA in your Country.Some countries do not have the luxury of EA servers. EA Claims it makes it an equal gaming experience it does not because if your ping is 20 and mine is 200 this is not equal.Why change it now, battlefield 2 and 3 and 4 are all hosted on Private Servers with acceptable pings according to your geographic location. If its not broken don't change it.  Some servers have limits to kick players on 150ms, most of South Africans have a 200ms when playing so it makes it hard for any of us to Enjoy Battlefield 1, EA with that Price Tag the least you can do is have Private servers!

For everyone, that feels they can't have the equal playing field of a 200ping/ms vs other players with 20ms. Please vote!

Currently Affected ( Any Country that isn't a part of EU,US,JPN is affected):
Brazil,South Africa,Southeast Asia and Middle East



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