Justice for Brenda

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On March 21st, 2018 Brenda Sanchez, a professor at Independence Community College was fired. Who is Brenda Sanchez? She wore many hats: mother, honor-society advisor (Phi Theta Kappa), English professor, mentor, cat lover, cupcake connoisseur, and an all around great person.

Brenda devoted her spare time to help many in the community. She would secure students to be the Easter bunny for the community gathering, drive international students to their trip destinations answering any questions about America they might have, encourage students to vote, help set up/run a firework stand to fundraise for the honor society, not only help students but allow them to use her kitchen to make valentines day cookie fundraisers. Brenda helped students rise to new measures, some becoming officers of PTK at the regional level, some acquiring scholarships at the national level. Brenda constantly devotes her time to students on top of teaching them valuable skillsets. On top of this, Brenda has allowed many different International and American students to live with her at discounted rates compared to the dorms to ensure they could continue their education, those who couldn't afford to pay her could easily help her by helping others and the cost would be covered. 

Pretty amazing right? The ideal professor, however, Brenda was unfairly fired from her job. She was accused of being a racist, and that she failed black students at a higher rate than white students. Not only did they label her this without giving her a chance to prove them wrong, but they published it in the local paper to make things worse. How could she expect another job again? That's where we are stepping in. We are students and community members of Independence and beyond who feel Brenda has been treated unjustly and unfairly.

Ms. Sanchez deserves her job and the students deserve her too. Brenda has had countless students live with her, from all countries and ethnicities including African American. We have several students and community members who are Hispanic, African-American, Caucasian and more who are uniting and taking a stand for Brenda.  We are calling for the President of Independence Community College, Daniel Barwick, and the Board of Trustees to re-address this situation with some stipulations...

  • Bringing in someone, such as Brenda's lawyer, who can fully examine the situation. This person would be looking at all aspects of a student's performance rather than just in her class. We want to make sure that the board and Barwick know if these students were failing most or all of their classes as well. This is important because a students performance may not reflect grading habits, but may instead reflect personal responsibility and that must be considered. If this cannot be done, then perhaps allowing the faculty to nominate someone to look into the records who will look at things fairly. To be certain, if Brenda's classes must be compared with other English courses, they must be the same ones. You can't compare students in Developmental English to students in English Comp 2.
  • Making sure Brenda Sanchez is made aware of the information, in its entirety, as to why they made their decision. Not just graphs or statements, but cold hard facts and numbers as to how they "proved" she was grading in a "racist" manner. 

This is a difficult issue to tackle. By signing your name, you are taking a stand for Brenda and helping her see that people care AND ensuring that the college sees people want this issue to be re-examined. Sign if you believe that Brenda should get another chance! Join the multiracial movement, spanning different age groups, that is the combined work of students and the community. 

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