We need a law against filming injured & deceased police for entertainment.

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Recently the Victorian Police community suffered a tragic loss when a truck hit and killed four on duty police members, killing them on scene.

The police members intercepted a male who was travelling at excessive speed and had tested positive to drugs.

Police were impounding the males vehicle and were on the side of a freeway. The male walked away to urinate on the side of the road. The male avoided injury or death. The members were killed or dying on scene.

When the truck struck the members, the male used his phone to take photographs and film of the dying and deceased members. 

One of the members was pinned between a car and the truck and the male chose to film her dying whilst he taunted her. The male verbally abused her as she died in front of him.

This was the officers last experience before she died. The male did not comfort her, he did not help her, he did not call for help.

The male shared these images and films with friends and uploaded them to a social media platform where they are now being viewed and distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The actions of taking photographs and film of officers injured, dying or deceased is not illegal. There is no legislation for this disgusting and heartless act. There is no legal consequences for using police suffering as entertainment.

There are people in our community who consider police being harmed or killed entertaining. Police deal with many things because they are simply police. We need this thing to stop. 

If a law is not legislated, it says to the community that police will now be spat on, assaulted, hated for wearing the uniform and now you can use our suffering as entertainment and fun. No more. Enough is enough. 

Please sign this petition to support a new law that will stop this from ever happening again to police and their loved ones.