Victorian Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos to step down please.

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Jenny Mikakos Ministers of Health for the state of Victoria has failed the constituents of this great state. She is responsible for the disastrous consequences brought about by the incompetence and inept decisions made pertaining to the government’s response surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and she must step down to allow someone with the appropriate skill sets and adequate competence to take over such an important portfolio for all Victorians. Her continuous substandard performance is killing Victorians and further damaging our economy. Mr Andrews cannot and should not continue to ignore Victorians anymore. Whilst the State Government’s intentions may have been noble, the more noble thing they can do now is accept the task is beyond their capabilities and accept they desperately need help from experts and the Federal Government.  We also deserve an explanation and a certain level of respect from our elected state officials, they are responsible and should be accountable to the community.  This matter demands the focus of government and as leaders they cannot pass the blame to someone else or delay responding to valid queries hiding behind an inquiry. That is simply smoke and mirrors tactics which have been adopted to avoid accepting responsibility of their failings.  The Victorian Government made the wrong decisions and there must be consequences as a result of the gross negligence to the Victorian population. Please do the right thing and demand actions to remove someone who has clearly and consistently demonstrated that she is simply not capable of doing her job. Please allow someone else to take on what is without a doubt a very challenging and demanding task. Which is why the circumstances call for a knowledgeable, professional and skilled individual to take the reigns from Ms Mikakos without further delay. Mr Andrews please do not continue to neglect your electorate, Jenny Mikakos must be sacked.