Victorian grade 6's deserve to be a face to face learning priority

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Today Dan Andrews announced the road map to easing restrictions, pending daily numbers Prep, Grade 1, Grade 2 and VCE students are set to return first toward the end of September.  

This is not right, Grade 6's must be given priority. Prep- Grade 2 students have many years to make up for this years missed face to face learning. This is our Grade 6 students last year at primary school, this year is meant to set them up mentally and emotionally for year 7. So far they have already spent half of this year learning at home. They need to be back face to face as soon as possible, not October 26th. That only gives them around 6 weeks of school to set them up for year 7. They deserve more than this, they have worked so hard all throughout their primary school years.

Please support me and all our grade 6's and sign this. Thank you.