To get the aggressive gambling adds off TV, Radio and Online media

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Due to the explosive growth of sports gambling, there is now a whole generation of children growing up watching Australian sport on television, online and radio, who think that gambling on sport, discussing the odds, knowing the point spread etc, is simply becoming the normal way of things.
How can this be? How can the government ban tobacco advertising and rightly restrict alcohol advertising on the grounds that children should not be exposed to it, and allow this to go to air?
It is beyond dispute that gambling is an addictive and devastating pastime and yet advertising for it is allowed to be inextricably interwoven with glamorous sports coverage, TV internet and radio advertising, heavily watched by young Australians not yet old enough to understand its dangers, and by those who do understand but gamble anyway. 

It is an epidemic within Australian culture leading the a rise in family violence, homelessness and mental illness. 
We, the undersigned, respectfully call on those in Canberra charged with caring for the nation's welfare to move beyond mere empty rhetoric, and actually do something - place a ban on this iniquitous practice, that can and will be enforced.