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This cute little legless lizard is one of the few in captivity. They are ENDANGERED, and need habitat but a YOUTH DETENTION CENTRE is being built on top of DESPERATELY NEEDED HABITAT. With the help of you and others simply signing this petition we get one step closer to saving this species. 

The Issue: 

The Cherry Creek site is a very important piece of habitat for the Striped Legless Lizard but the VICTORIAN GOVERNMENT have decided to build on VITAL HABITAT for the legless lizards. They will be building a YOUTH DETENTION CENTRE on this incredibly important habitat. 


How can you help?

 - Of course, signing this petition to ensure that the habitat of the Striped Legless Lizard is protected.

 - Donating to places such as: the Australian Bush Heritage Organisation, Zoos Victoria and IUCN Red List.

Appearance: The Striped Legless Lizard or Many-lined Delma, as the name suggests has a solid stripe down its body and lines on its sides. As hatchlings, the Striped Legless Lizards looks very similar to an Eastern Brown Snakes, this is a great defence mechanism. As adults, they have yellowy grey coloration with an almost blue-colored head.    

Habitat:  Striped Legless Lizards are found in the south western grasslands of Australia and in patches across Victoria, ACT and NSW. They specifically inhabit lowlands grasslands and in some degraded areas.

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