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Stop the Skyrail in Carrum

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Help Preserve & Protect Carrum’s coastal environment, clean atmosphere and relaxed village culture.

If you don’t want Carrum to be carved up by a Sky Rail and if you don’t support the closure of Eel Race Road…… PLEASE SIGN THIS ONLINE PETITION! It’s easy!

A dedicated and enthusiastic team of local residents is working on reversing the government’s decision to build a Sky Rail through our coastal village community of Carrum and we demand an appropriate RAIL UNDER ROAD solution to crossing removal. This group has produced viable, safe and fit for purpose engineering for RAIL UNDER ROAD despite the propaganda you might hear from the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) that it can’t be done. RAIL UNDER ROAD CAN BE DONE and we can demonstrate how it can be done. Even the Victorian Architect Review Panel, the State government’s own advisors, agree that a rail under road design is a better solution for all communities long term. If we, as a community, stand together and address this issue as a strong, cohesive group we have the potential to achieve our end goal and convince Daniel Andrews & Jacinta Allan to change the Carrum option to RAIL UNDER ROAD keeping Eel Race Road OPEN.

Expected consequences of a Sky Rail in Carrum as opposed to a Rail-trench (RAIL UNDER ROAD) option:

  • A monstrous 9m (Rail) - 20m (station canopy) high concrete and steel structure cutting through Carrum’s heart and ruining the unique, natural, coastal character and residents health & welfare for a LIFETIME!
  • Increased dispersion of airborne carcinogenic diesel fumes (internationally condemned by The World Health Organisation, Australian Medical Association, Doctors Against Diesel UK, Mayo Clinic USA), airborne track & wheel wear (fine steel particles, dirt & dust) blanketing Carrum, Nth Seaford, Patterson Lakes & Bonbeach according to prevailing weather conditions
  • Amplified & extended overall noise levels from horns, whistles, rail interface, vibration & air con.
  • Loss of privacy - inviting opportunistic suveillance into homes by opportunistic commuters
  • Significant property value losses
  • Significant overshadowing and loss of natural daylight & sunlight
  • In-your-face Graffiti (inevitable)
  • Increased deviant behavior, graffiti, littering, anti-social behavior and crime rates

Background and details:
Carrum is a quiet beach community where 3600 people live a peaceful life 33km South-East from Melbourne. A rail line passes through the suburb which has two road level crossings. The Victorian Government decided to remove the 50 most dangerous & congested level crossings in and around Melbourne. They appointed a Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) to develop and project- manage the removal works and option design construction. They claim to have developed and provide a technical solution which aligns with the current character of the suburb and with the long term needs of the local residents.
Basically, there are two solutions to crossing removal, one is elevated rail which reaches approx.16-17m high with station canopies reaching approx.19-20m above ground level. The second option is a rail trench which runs below ground level and beneath existing roads. The tallest buildings in Carrum are currently two storey residential buildings, with a few 3 storey, none of which are proximate to the station or village centre. Based on the LXRA community consultation 94.6% of the residents prefer a trenched solution, RAIL UNDER ROAD, an over whelming majority against the Sky Rail. Only based on those two facts, no tall buildings and the preference of majority residents wanting a trench option, it would be logical to expect the LXRA to develop a trenched option.
Unfortunately this is not the case. Without any reasonable explanation, the LXRA decided that they will blindly pursue the Sky Rail option with a 900m long massive, concrete and steel monster cutting through the heart of Carrum village land & skyscape. This would ruin the very nature of the suburb, would increase noise, air and light pollution and is opposed by the majority of the residents.

LXRA have continued to maintain that a trench option is not possible, however their reasons are blatantly wrong (such as not having enough space between Patterson River and McLeod Road) which has been proven wrong decisively. Despite our alternate engineering designs, they announced in March that a Sky Rail will be built in Carrum.

Local residents demand the same trench option as those already built at Ormond, McKinnon, Bentleigh, Springvale and numerous other completed crossings.
Even the government’s own engineers admit that the trench option is a better solution long term. Do not forget that the government has been entrusted to work for you, not against you. Their job is to protect the interest of the residents who elected them. They are paid by our tax dollars to build these projects in the best interests of the communities involved. It is a disgrace to impose a totally unsuitable and deleterious solution which is overwhelmingly opposed by Carrum’s residents. The results of the community consultation were meant to be the basis of the decision about which solution to pursue, yet Carrum was never afforded equal opportunity as other crossings which were offered a Rail Under option as well as skyrail. Unfortunately the consultation seems to have served only an illusion of choice. They asked the community what they wanted, then completely disregarded the interests of the community. Furthermore, the LXRA Project Manager stated that the LXRA brief was NOT to provide a trenched solution at Carrum.
This petition is targeted towards ALL residents and particularly those who oppose the sky rail but have not as yet taken any action to protect their interest. If we stand up together and make our voices heard we can reverse this decision and get Rail Under Road, the rail trench option for Carrum.
A Sky Rail monster is FOREVER, a burden for current residents and a perpetual burden into following generations.

The choice is yours. Sign this petition NOW! Let’s stand together to protect Carrum, our community, our health and our way of life.

The Petitioners request the abandonment of elevated rail at Carrum and an overwhelming preference for RAIL UNDER ROAD, including Eel Race Rd, as the only appropriate and acceptable solution to level crossing removal at Carrum.

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