Stop the Andrews Government from building a skyrail on Toorak Road

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The Andrew’s government are planning to build a very industrial concrete bridge to carry the train line over Toorak Rd.

Not only has there not been any information provided by the government about this, we believe that the Andrew’s government is withholding information about the process of this build.

Our complaints about this are:

  • The impact of such an unsightly building based on the design of a previous train bridge in an industrial area of Melbourne
  • Noise levels as a result of raising the train line
  • Devaluation of the property in the area 
  • The destruction of the natural landscape and environment, living in a concrete jungle. 
  • Loss of privacy - inviting opportunistic surveillance into homes by opportunistic commuters
  • Increased deviant behavior, graffiti, littering, anti-social behavior and crime rates
  • Increased dispersion of airborne carcinogenic diesel fumes (internationally condemned by The World Health Organisation, Australian Medical Association, Doctors Against Diesel UK, Mayo Clinic USA), airborne track & wheel wear (fine steel particles, dirt & dust) blanketing Malvern, Toorak, Hawthorn and Kooyong according to prevailing weather conditions

We believe that the Andrew’s government have acted without the best interests of the community. We do not understand why the government is not prepared to remove this very dangerous crossing in the appropriate manner by taking it underground, the same way that it was done in balance and unity with the residents around the Burke Rd crossing.

The LXRA decided that they will blindly pursue the Sky Rail option with a 900m long massive, concrete and steel monster cutting through the heart of Malvern, Kooyong, Hawthorn and Toorak land & skyscape. This would ruin the very nature of the suburb, would increase noise, air and light pollution and is opposed by the majority of the residents.

The Petitioners request the abandonment of elevated rail at Toorak Road and an overwhelming preference for RAIL UNDER ROAD. We demand an appropriate RAIL UNDER ROAD solution to crossing removal.