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Hello to everyone who is about to read this petition & hopefully sign it & support me. My Name Is Karina Vodden, I Am from Wodonga Victoria & i am a single mother to a beautiful gorgeous little boy named Callum who is Part Aboriginal. I am a mother that is asking for help before it becomes to late for my son & his Safety & Well Being. This petition is going to create problems as my last one did & because of Cyber Stalking Liars & Child A*****s it was shut down, Because they didn’t like the truth displayed about them & what they are & what they have done to me & now doing to my son & nobody cared to help protect him at all Not even police.

My beautiful little boy was born in January 2010 & at 47 days after he was born Callum would be Unlawfully Removed from my care & the care of his Maternal Grandmother based on False Allegations by liars & these were unfounded, Section & Act Used by Wodonga Family Destroyers to Unlawfully Steal My Son: Childrens Youth & Family Act 2005 Section 162 (1) C & E (What Is Said In These Sections In My Case Never Happened & Was Never Going To Occur Whilst He Was In Our Care) & placed in 2 Out of Home Care Placements Run through Upper Murray Family Care Based in Wodonga Victoria & his Third & Final Placement in East Albury New South Wales.

Please find a list below that was used in The Very First Disposition Report Date Issued: February 2010 Created By Jasmin Wood & Signed By Emma Woods & It Was Used  To Remove Callum From Our Care (All Of It Is Based On Lies To) & i will also include the names of the liars as well:

1: Lack Of Knowledge & Willingness To Implement Appropriate Safe Sleeping ( I was accused of allowing three dogs to sleep in the same room as Callum UNTRUE, It was also written i Refused To Stop Smoking Around Him As Well ( I Was Only Caught Smoking Twice & Nothing After That Once While He Asleep In My Bedroom When I Was In The Lounge Room & The Other Time He Was On Grandma’s Lap In The Lounge Room & I Was Near A Window & The Smoke Was Nowhere Near Him & After That) I would later learn that Callum would suffer with Asthma (NOTHING TO DO WITH ME) what was also written is that i smoked in the house & in my bedroom that there was Minimal Ventilation In my room UNTRUE & Can't Be Proven As They Never Entered The House Whatsoever & I Have A Witness Who Can Verify That As The Person Was A Ex Smoker Themselves & Could Never Smell Smoke At Anytime In The House Or On Callum, When Visiting Me Callum & Grandma & That I Had Co Slept With Callum On My Chest (Here Was What The Person Didn’t See After They Left, I Had Allowed Callum To Sleep On My Chest Until He Was Asleep I Was Wide Awake On My Bed NO DANGER TO CALLUM Whatsoever & Then He Was Placed In His Cot To Sleep)

2: Alleged Mental Health Issues. There is No Written Proof that can be provided whatsoever,  as i do not have them. Two certain people who have Callum have them though, but won’t admit it but will continue to lie & makeup Fanciful Allegations against me & No Shred Of Evidence to back it up either

3: My Physical Health, It is alleged that i have A Medical Condition Being Tracheitis A Condition I Have Not Had Since 13/4/2008, it’s alleged that i have Breathing Problems & also alleged that i have passed out & that i do not have The Correct Medication to treat it UNTRUE & has Never Happened. It Is Also Alleged That I Was Being Assessed For Cardiomyopathy WHICH HAS NEVER HAPPENED As i don’t have this condition whatsoever, but one of the people who has my son does & deflected it onto a deceased “family member” Instead.

4: I have been accused of having A Undiagnosed Intellectual Disability ( There Is No Evidence To Suggest That I Do Have A Disability Whatsoever) & it does not impact on the Day To Day Care of Callum if i did have one.

5: Alleged Family Violence Between me & Callum’s Maternal Grandmother ( This Never Occurred Whatsoever & Hearsay By The Liars)

6: My Alleged Verbal Abuse of Callum With Profanities ( This Never Occurred Whatsoever Either) Only Hearsay

7: It Was Alleged That I Wanted To Relinquish Care Of Callum ( Untrue As Well) Everybody Loved Callum & Wanted To Babysit Him

8:There Was Never Any Attachment or Bonding Issues Between Me,Callum or Callum’s Maternal Grandmother He Was Fine With Us.

Allegations were made that i had Physically Assaulted Callum UNTRUE, i was accused of being at home on two of the three occasions they showed up I CLEARLY WASN’T HOME & the lease is in two names not one so my mum had every right to Refuse Entry to them. I was also Falsely Accused of Leaving Callum Alone With Three Dogs UNTRUE as well Grandma was watching him. I also had My Medical Records Unlawfully Released by Wodonga Hospital & my alleged problems that i had Caring For Myself & Washing UNTRUE. I was also accused of Rough Handling Callum Also UNTRUE & His Neck & Head Were Supported At The Time.

Names Of People Who Reported Me:

Jessica Clark From Wodonga

Jill Allen MCHN Wodonga Council

Jane Caldwell MCHN

The False Allegations By People That Come After Callum Was Taken:

Jasmin Wood

Sarah Bebbington formerly Streeter

Emma Woods

Diedre McDonald ( Ex Worker)

Lisa Arnold (Deceased)

Cherin Thompson (Student At The Time)

Kim Everton (Student)

Casey Bray formerly Sorenson

Sally Dare formerly Twycross

Louise Parkinson

Connie Constans (Former Worker)

Candy Newley Formerly Edge

Heather Podesta

Kara Craig ( Student At The Time)

Tanya Bradbury

Allison Johnstone

Jocelyn Johnson

K Parkinson from Wodonga.

Since being placed in care in February 2010 & til the present date & through all placements between Thurgoona NSW, Tangambalanga Victoria & East Albury NSW, Callum was Physically Abused By Carer Number 1 Roslyn Williams from Thurgoona NSW & Medical Neglect, Home Number 2 where he was also Physically Abused, Neglected & Severe Medical Neglect by both people & Home Number 3 where he is currently in East Albury NSW. Since being in The Current Placement as of the 12th July 2010 til the present date, Callum’s Emotional, Mental, Psychological & Physical & Other Abuse  got twice as worse as did the Neglect & Medical Neglect by these people who have no idea how to look after a child like my son who has Certain Needs that they are not able to meet & it has been seen time & time again through Factual Evidence Along With Medical Documentation Photographic Evidence & Witnesses at Access.

Please Find Attached A Very Long List Of Physical Injuries, Multiple Signs Of Abuse & Medical Neglect That Callum Has Endured In Care:

Being Physically Abused & Medical Neglect Between 47 & 51 Days old by Carer 1, It Resulted In A Large Bruise Under Callum’s Left Knee At The 6 Week Check Up & Contracting Thrush Which Continued For Over A Month That Lead Into A Fresolving Upper Respiratory Tract Infection & Still Left Untreated By Two Doctor’s.

Callum Suffered Numerous Urinary Tract Infections Up Until The Present Date That Started In 2010. None of These Were Ever Followed Up Cause Was Never Found NO PROPER EXAMINATIONS Done.

Numerous Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Some were Bacterial & Some Viral, One Infection Lead Into Callum Coughing Up Blood & Causing Him to Get Tonsillitis. Leaving Him With A Fever In Danger Zone Unsettled Amongst Other Things MEDICAL TREATMENT WAS REFUSED.

Multiple Visits To Both Albury & Wodonga Emergency Departments for Various Medical Issues Including: Alleged Friday Night Terrors, Upper Respiratory Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, Fractured Collar Bone ( Due to Physical Abuse) Spewing Up After Being Fed, Alleged Ear Infections

Multiple Visits To Doctors for Various Medical Conditions & Severe Medical Neglect Including: Scrotal Swelling Due To A Infection Covered By Eczema ( Which Was Denied) The Infection Was Caused by Poor Hygiene Amongst Other Infections That Left Him With High Temperatures One Time Being 38.1c ( Danger Zone) Alleged Hand Foot & Mouth Disease Caught from Someone, Alleged Gastro Amongst Other Things.

Callum Has Allegedly Had Genetics Testing Done & Was Seen At The Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville Victoria In 2012. This Was Done Without My Consent & Also Denied It Occurred At All, He Has Also Allegedly Had Blood Tests Done As It Was Claimed He Had Iron Deficiency Problems ( No Evidence Of This Whatsoever) & Again My Consent Was Not Given & He Was Placed On Prescription Medication.

Callum Is Constantly Exposed To Family Violence, Abuse In All Forms In His Current Placement Along With Medical Neglect, Resulting In Visible Signs of It On His Private Areas Including Blisters From Severe Eczema & Other Things All Which Were Left Untreated. He Has Suffered With Visible Bruising On Most Parts Of His Body Where There Shouldn’t Be Any Left Without Medication & Treatment, He Also Suffers With Severe Fluid Retention Visible In Photos Because He Is Obese For His Age & It Was Left Unmanaged By A Dietician Shanayde Hibberson At Albury Wodonga Health & False Allegations Made By Her As Well. Callum Suffers With Asthma Which Has Been Left Unmanaged & Doesn’t Help When A Certain Female Smokes In The Car With Callum (Knowing That In All States That It Is Illegal To Smoke In A Vehicle With A Child Under 18yrs & You Can Be Fined For It, But A Certain Female Is Getting Away With It)

Callum Has Been Allegedly Assessed for Being On The Spectrum of Having Autism ( No Proof Of This Whatsoever & Denied It Ever Occurred) Callum Regressed To The Point Of No Longer Speaking Because of Physical, Emotional, Mental, Psychological & Other Abuse Til The Present Date. He & I Have Both Being Physically Assaulted by Heather Podesta, Allison Johnstone Physically Dislocated His Left Shoulder After Repeatedly Being Told To Stop Pulling His Left Arm Is Why It Was Dislocated.

Callum Has Witnessed Verbal Abuse of Myself At Access by Various Child Stealers Which Also Included Verbal Threats Towards His Maternal Grandmother As Well As Other People. It Has Also Seen Callum Being Alienated from His Family Members Including Myself & Others

It Is & Has Alway Been Clear That Since 12th July 2010 til The Present Date That These People Are Unable to Care For Let Alone Provide For Callum’s Day to Day Care, Let Alone His Medical Needs or Conditions Whatsoever. Callum Was Unlawfully Stolen from Me & From A Safe Stable, Loving, Caring & Nurturing Environment Free From: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Psychological & Sexual Abuse, There Was Never Any Domestic or Family Violence Issues, No Drug or Alcohol Abuse, Nor Was There Any Medical Neglect Sighted Whatsoever.

Since My Case Has Gone Public Where A Number of Complaints Were Made Please Find Below A Very Long List of Agencies Where Complaints Were Made All Of Which Have Been Ignored, Covered Up & Told It Was Not Their Concern That Also Included When A Child Was Missing:

Paige Smith, Wodonga Police SOCA Unit for Child Abuse & Neglect ( She Lied & Committed Perjury Under Oath In Court. Report Dating Back to May 2010 I Have A Hard Copy

Sophie Mirrabella Former MP for North East Victoria Blame Shifter

Cathy McGowan MP for North East Victoria

Victorian Ombudsman Darren Sarrbrucken

Corporate Integrity Unit Box Hill Victoria Blame Shifter

Former Minister for Children & Families Mary Wooldridge & Current Minister Jenny Mikakos Both Blame Shifters As Well.

Neville Maddox Manager of Wodonga DHHS Not Independent Whatsoever & Also A Blame Shifter Who Made Up A False Response To A Very Detailed Complaint Compiled by A Third Party Who Had Audited My Case.

No Quality Of Care Investigations Were Ever Done Into Callum’s Abuse NO EVIDENCE SIGHTED

No Follow Up To Complaints Made Through Upper Murray Family Care in Wodonga Victoria.

There Is Clear Evidence That The Two People Who Have Callum Now, Have Never Been Through A Working With Children’s Check In Victoria or New South Wales, Nor Have They Been Through A Police Check Either, Or It Would Have Revealed One Person Is Of No Blood Relation To Callum or My Family & Has Previously had Children Placed In Her Care by Unlawful Means & The Other Person Has A Extensive Criminal History & Also A Violent Abusive Person & A Former Child In Care Himself & That He Has Had A Name Change As Well & Resulted In Having His Records Sealed from A Early Age. & Also Has A Fatal Medical Condition Which Has Been Deflected Onto Another Person Who Is Not Able To Speak For Themselves ( The Person In Question Is Deceased)

As A Result Of My Case Being In The Best Interests For The Public To See How A Corrupt System Steals Children Like Callum Based On Lies, I Have Been Dealt A Very Ugly Hand & My Son Denied His Family & A Right To Be Raised In A Safe Environment & Be Protected from Harm. Please Find Below A List of Problems I Have Encountered Because Of Callum Being Stolen We Have Both Been Given A Life Sentence Because Of The Corrupt System & Child Abusers Who Deny Anything Ever Happened To Me Or My Son:

I Was Verbally & Physically Abused As A Child By These Toxic People Who Have Mental Health Issues Including Me Being Physically Assaulted By A Certain Person’s Brat Child, Which Has Left Me With Ongoing Injuries. I Have Also Been Left With Emotional Scars Which Are Not Healing & Neither Will The Scars That Callum Has Been Left With Because Of Abuse On All Levels, Parental & Maternal Alienation

I Was Continually Stalked By Both Parties As A Child & Is Now Happening All Over Again Because They Have My Son Who Do Not Hold Legal Custody or Legal Guardianship of Him.

Callum Continues To Suffer from Abuse In All Forms Along With Medical Neglect Factual Evidence

I Have Been Verbally Threatened By S/C Kevin Smith & Had Verbal Allegations Made Against Me by The Same Blue Fairy & Also S/C Donna Allen From Wodonga Corrupt Station.

It Has Resulted In Me Almost Being Run Over In The Middle Of The Road By A Vehicle & Of All Things On Sunday 1st November 2015 & Almost Having A Gun Pointed At Me HOW DARE YOU USE MY SON AS A WEAPON Against Me Donna Allen

I Was Physically Assaulted by Sarah Patrick After I Was Arrested The First Time for Failure to Appear At Court In Front Of Corrupt Magistrate John O’Callaghan On 19th October 2015.

Myself & My Family Are Forever Being Stalked By The Boys In Blue & Certain People of Someone’s Family Who Is Of No Relation To Me Or My Family & His Workmates, His WIfe Has Also Made Up False Allegations Against Me.

I Was Left Without Medical Attention When Arrested Again Which Resulted In Me Suffering With A Severe Migraine, A Fever, Double & Blurred Vision, Severe Physical Pain Running Through My Body & Resulting In Me Spewing On The Floor Of The Jail Cell.

I Have Been Left Without Legal Representation In Various Courts Because of Conflict & The Other Parties Getting Free Legal Representation Which They Can Easily Afford From The Amount of Money They Have

Because of False Allegations In Statements Made That Also Includes Using Misleading Dates Of Birth Dates, It Has Resulted In Domestic Apprehended Violence Orders In NSW Being Slapped Against Me & My Mother & False Interventional Personal Safety Orders Later Turning Into Family Violence Orders Slapped Against Me Alone In Victoria Based On Fanciful Lies Made Up & Told By Certain Liars. All Of Which There Was No Evidence to Back Them Up Including Me Being Accused of Calling Someone A Certain Word NO FACTUAL EVIDENCE TO THIS Whatsoever

Because Of The Destructive Path You Have Chosen To Go Down With Me Making Up Fanciful Lies & Had Them Put Into False Statements Everything You Have Brought On Yourselves Out Of SPITE & HATRED & I Am Not To Blame For It. You Made Me Do This To Help Save My Son Before You Inflict Anymore Pain & Physical Injuries On Him Or My Family Because of Your Selfishness & Lies

But In The End Of It All You Pair Have Destroyed My Life & The Life Of A Innocent Child Because Of Child Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Severe Neglect & Medical Neglect, Aggravated Stalking, Aggressive Behaviour & Physical Violence & Domestic & Family Violence You Have Inflicted On So Many People Including Me & My Son & It Needs To Stop Now. It Is Unacceptable To All Involved

There Needs To Be A Stop To Agencies Placing Any Child In Danger & Refusing To Acknowledge Child Abuse, Neglect & Severe Medical Neglect Of Any Innocent Children Like Callum, When There Were Clearly No Grounds for Him To Be Unlawfully Removed In The First Place.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH CHILD ABUSE, DOMESTIC & FAMILY VIOLENCE NEEDS TO END. My son & my family have suffered enough abuse at the hands of a corrupt system based on lies it needs to end. Because of this Callum’s safety has been compromised time & time again & there was no regards for his safety or well being whatsoever.

Please Sign & Share To Help Protect A Innocent Child  From Harm Before It Is To Late For Him & My Family

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