Save The Iconic Overland Train

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The Overland passenger train has been an icon of Australia since 1887, connecting the Victorian state capital of Melbourne with the South Australian capital of Adelaide and earns the distinction of being Australia’s oldest through running, interstate train. Without this service other modes of transport simply will not be cope. Road coaches pose limitations on those with special needs, who may find The Overland easier to board and alight, instead of having to climb the stairs of a road coach. These passengers may have no alternative but to fly, which at times can be on a par with the cost of an Overland rail ticket.
Despite claims that patronage is low, The Overland is frequently booked out. Those who choose this service will be the ones who will feel the deepest cut if it is cancelled. Ideally, the train should return to an overnight, sleeper service. This is the preference of the regular travelers.
By signing this petition you will greatly assist in the campaign to show the South Australian Government that The Overland is a crucial link between second and fifth largest cities in Australia. The Overland is not taking bookings past December 2019.