Safe Schools: Restrict Sex Education

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Long ago, people simply avoided talking about sex, especially to their children.  We now know that Sex Education is important and not to be avoided.  

The origin of Sex Education is still controversial.  However, discussion and debates on a national level, in the United States, on what and how to teach children about sex existed as early as 1912.  In the same year, the National Education Association (NEA) recommended that teachers should be trained to provide this education in school.  In 1940, the United States Public Health Service had made a strong statement about its importance as a result of prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's) among many soldiers and sailors during both World Wars. Finally, in the 50's, the American Medical Association joined hands with NEA to publish a series of pamphlets about its necessity of Sex Education.  Those pamphlets became the basis of most school-based Sex Education programs.  
One school of thought says that the kids are not getting the right amount of sex information at home, and that the school environment is only place where they can gain access to such information and teaching.  The argument in support seems to be that if properly delivered in schools, there will less chance of students engaging in sexual activity at an inappropriate age (underage) and hence will not be exposed to any undesirable consequences (such as sexual assault, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases et cetera). 

However, Sex Education can go against anything that a parent teaches their children at home and can even override it.  At present, Sex Education in Victoria may encompass topics and subjects that are not classically regarded as "Sex Education" but as Gender Studies. The role of a parent is to provide: guidance, discipline and teaching, mentoring in all aspects of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical well-being, as it has been for innumerable generations across human history.  The curriculum of Sex Education, of late, appears to be subjected to political opinion, political popularism, debate, agendas.  Any module, subject, topic of a school curriculum should NOT be subjected to political opinion, political popularism, debate, agendas.  The curriculum needs to be couched in facts and such facts need to be in line with expert opinion and evidence, not based on political, personal opinion, speculation, emotion and circumstances.

Despite the good intentions of educators, teaching the topics of sex, sexuality et cetera brings them to the forefront of young students' minds, at a time when they most probably do not have the mental, emotional and spiritual maturity to grasp or handle such topics.  Being at the forefront of a young student's mind may have undesirable consequences: it may be a "stepping-stone" towards engaging in sexual activity, despite the intention of educators to prevent this with education.
If some related lectures are given to the students in school, students starts to make different kind of perceptions about it in their minds. So at free time the students mostly discusses the lectures in group, as the sex related discussion is attractive for teenagers. So they use to take of interest in sex discussions. The sketch about sex builds in their minds. This attractive sketch unconsciously drew them towards doing sex practically. This is very harmful for their health and their curriculum and co-curricular activities.

During sex most of the girls, who are passing through teenage becomes pregnant before marriage. When this becomes happen with any girl, at this stage she do not have any such environment in which she gave birth a child. She becomes urging to get abortion for making safe her career and honor.

Sex Education in Schools Pros and Cons:

-Students can be taught about sexually transmitted diseases;
-Students are better able to understand human anatomy and biology;
-Students can concentrate on other studies once Sex Education is provided at an younger age; and;
-Proper education prevents sexual problems later in life.

-Younger students are not mentally, cognitively, emotionally, spiritually mature enough to grasp the the gravity, importance, significance of concepts such as sex, sexuality and gender at a younger age; 
-Younger students are not able to use reason and logic in the same way as adults;
-The guidance that Sex Education curriculum is seeking to achieve cannot realistically be provided by a professional educator.
-The Sex Education curriculum may not take into account each student's family, parental values, teaching, mentoring, principles et cetera.

I call upon the Premier of Victoria and the Victorian Government to:
-Place restrictions on Sex Education (including sexuality, gender studies) by: limiting the age at which Sex Education (including sexuality, gender studies) is taught in schools;
-Restrict any Sex Education (including sexuality, gender studies) topics, modules, subjects, tests, examinations, exercises, discussions to information that is medically and scientifically accurate and not based on political popularism, political agendas;
-Prohibit any Sex Education (including sexuality, gender studies) unless parental consent is given in writing;
-Allow parents and schools to enter into flexible agreements, arrangements with parents regarding any topics, modules, subjects, tests, examinations, exercises, discussions pertaining to Sex Education (including sexuality, gender studies).
-Ensure that the Sex Education (including sexuality, gender studies) is tailored to the age of the student(s) being taught.
-If not presently current, standardise the curriculum of Sex Education across Victoria;
-Make any Sex Education (including sexuality, gender studies) curriculum available to any member of the public by the Department of Education;
-Make any school, regardless of its status (public, private, State, religious) subject to auditing processes, investigations, enquiries or any other means of obtaining data, information for the exercise of good government.

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