REOPEN Myotherapy and Remedial massage during lockdowns in Melbourne.

REOPEN Myotherapy and Remedial massage during lockdowns in Melbourne.

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Started by James De Bono

During this lockdown, Myotherapists and Remedial massage therapists are NOT allowed to open. While other similar allied health therapists are allowed to work in the same setting and for the same length of time.

Please see the below information for how to help us change this for future lockdowns.
Make Your Voice Count - Your pain, your right to choose



We urge the Victorian government to return to their own sensible, common-sense terminology from Stage 3 “essential healthcare services”.
It is high time to ensure that myotherapy is treated fairly by the Victorian government and that patients have the freedom of choice to continue accessing care for pain management from their trusted healthcare professional.
Have you recently been notified that your myotherapy care has been canceled or rescheduled as a result of the Victorian lockdowns?
Have you been forced to defer necessary care from your trusted myotherapist or remedial massage therapist that has worked successfully to manage your pain?
Have you been told, “sorry, as a myotherapist I cannot help during these lockdown periods, however the allied health practitioner in the same clinic can”?
Have you had to resort to pain medication to ease the pain while you wait for your myotherapist to be permitted by the Victorian government to return to in-person care?
If you are frustrated with the Victorian government’s response to shutting out myotherapy practices, the best way to ensure that your concerns are heard is for you to contact your local member directly and urge them to ensure continued access to myotherapy at this crucial time.
Victoria stands on its own – discriminating against myotherapists and patients - by banning access to this trusted treatment for chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues. Other jurisdictions, such as Queensland and NSW, acknowledge the key role of myotherapy and remedial massage in the healthcare system, particularly during a healthcare crisis, adopting a broad definition of permitted healthcare services during lockdowns.
View our Association's story here. Get behind our advocacy and help us get you back to your trusted myotherapist. Fair, equal access to healthcare should be the right of all members of the public: read here.
To help guide you, please include the following information when you talk and/or write to the government (eg meeting your local member):
How the Victorian government’s confusing messages have impacted your (mental, physical, emotional, financial health);
how the lockdowns and inability to access your myotherapist amd remedial massage therapist has impacted your ability to perform your work and/or day to day activity; what your alternate has been to manage the pain normally managed by seeing your myotherapist or remedial massage therapist (eg turn to pain meds, reduce your movement/activity to reduce pain, seek an alternative health therapist such as Physio who has been permitted to continue working).

Who to Contact?
Your local representatives Vic
Premier (Daniel Andrews) -
Minister for Health (Martin Foley) Martin Foley -
Minister for Small Business (Jaala Pulford) -
Chief Health Officer – (Brett Sutton) -
Lockdowns are a part of our ‘new world’. Don’t let them be the reason you can’t access your myotherapist or remedial massage therapist.
Stay safe and please take care.

10,899 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!