Reopen dog grooming in stage 4 restrictions

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Last week a call was made to 3AW from Dr Jack Zaks (Elsternwick Veterinary Clinic) who says the Stage 4 grooming ban is “a welfare issue”. He wanted to reopen Dog Grooming in Stage 4 Restrictions. He says his vet practice has been overwhelmed with dogs who have sustained injuries after their owners tried to groom them at home.

“We’ve had … people … trying to groom their own dogs. What they’re doing is they’re cutting these dogs and there are gashes of skin,” Dr Zaks told Neil Mitchell.

“On Sunday, we had a dog nearly bleed to death when an artery in the cartilage in the ear opened up.“It’s just going on and on. It’s on a daily basis.”

Dr Zaks said while grooming is a luxury for some breeds, it’s essential for others, like poodles.

“There’s some breeds which actually have to be, especially during winter, just like a sheep,” he said.

“If you don’t remove the matting … it will be very hard for it to move.”

Dog Grooming is a skilled job that requires skill and knowledge, without the proper training and proper equipment grooming a pet at home can become dangerous. 

Vets also do not have the capacity or knowledge to be grooming dogs either. 

Most in the industry have the ability to keep proving dog grooming in Stage 4 with a contactless option. We would also be lucky enough to see fewer than 20 people a day in our salon a day, who rarely cross paths with another person. Most clients would also not spend more then 2-3 minutes within our salons at drop off generally, therefore having a contactless option would eliminate that, meaning drop off should be very quick. 

Furthermore not only is it a potential threat to animals to be closed, but we can open with minimal threat and minimal contact with others and give jobs back to people that desperately need it. 

Let's fight to reopen as our pets need to be cared for during these uncertain times.