Remove Mornington Peninsula Shire from "Greater Melbourne"

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Mornington Peninsula (MP) is currently in stage 4 COVID19 restrictions. MP have just 3 active cases currently in the whole LGA and only one case south of the suburb of Mornington. Active cases will likely be zero in coming days. By comparison, Geelong (similarly located geographically outside Melbourne and with a higher population, is treated as "regional") and has 6 active cases and MP has 3. Regional Victoria has never had stage 4 imposed on them and now are being released into what was pretty much stage 2.

Common sense would dictate the removal of Mornington Peninsula from Greater Melbourne and free up it’s 165,000 residents to restart its economy, just as Geelong will be able to do from September 17. To keep a LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA in stage 4 lock-down when it is on the extreme outskirts of Metropolitan Melbourne, and performing admirably, is illogical.

The Premier, when questioned regarding the MP and it’s extremely low cases simply said ‘we won’t be changing the metro Melbourne border’. No reason given and no explanation. Surely this is arrogant and dictatorial. The residents of MP need a sound explanation.

Less than 5 cases!! CHANGE THE BOUNDARIES.