Reinstate public dental sevices in Geelong for people with special needs who need sedation

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Public dental services for special needs people who require sedation has been removed from Barwon Health services Geelong. They are now trying to make people who have in some cases significant disabilities travel hours to Melbourne for services that were until recently locally provided. We went recently ourselves and it took two hours to even get there and was very stressful for my son. Sorry to say but the service there was also appalling with staff basically making their own assumptiins on my sons abilities they’re not even qualified to make. However regardless of our personal experience most people who live with a disability already have difficult and often challenging lives. The wait for the Royal Melboune Dental Hospital was already over 2 years long without adding all the Geelong patients to it. With population increases in both cities this does not make any sense to us whatsoever.

Reinstating public dental services for patients that require sedation to Barwon Health.

Personal story
I am Linda Mathews mother of Corey Mathews who has complex needs, Intellectual disability and autism. We are forever fighting it seems for even simplest of things and always someone trying to make life far more difficult than it already is.