Reduce Plastic Waste by offering a refund scheme for all plastic bottles and cans!

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Our national stance on recycling is a disgrace!

Why is it that all our recycling gets shipped overseas, when we are in bad need of new industries and greater employment, especially for new migrants with poor English skills?

And how is it that many states including Victoria still don't have a refund scheme for plastic and glass bottles? It's worked perfectly fine overseas and even here in South Australia for 50 years? 

In Europe people have happily sorted plastic, metal, batteries, paper, organic waste and even distinguish differently coloured bottles for decades. Why not here? 

Clearly our politicians don't care about our environment at all. 

Sign here if you want to see immediate changes at government level to save our oceans and land! And make sure to pass this petition on to all your friends, family and neighbours.

Thank you!

Gabriele Frenkel