PSO hub in Moorabool Street mall, Geelong

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The mall in Geelong is at the heart of the city. It should be safe and inviting but it is not. I work in the CBD, and would like to be able to walk in broad daylight, let alone at night without encountering drug dealers, fights, intimidation, disgusting language and behaviour. A permanent police or at least PSO hub in the mall would make it safer for everyone and force these degenerates to behave like they do one bus stop away - at the courthouse. There they suddenly speak in sentences and use their manners because they know how to, they just choose not to. I want Geelong to be safe, clean and beautiful. I want people from overseas to have it on their itinerary like we have Rome or New York. The first step is making it safe, and we need police presence 24 hours in the mall as a first step.