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Protect our native waterbirds – Ban duck shooting!

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Recreational duck shooting will commence in Victoria on March 21 despite the newly elected Andrews Labor government saying it is serious about animal welfare.  Please help our native waterbirds by lobbying to put an end to this cruelty and ban recreational duck shooting once and for all.

Too many birds suffer. US ballistics expert and duck shooter, Tom Roster, has shown that at least one in four birds targeted are not killed but wounded (this figure was recognised by Victoria’s Department of Sustainability and Environment). Shotguns spray hundreds of small pellets, resulting in ducks with fractured or broken legs, or legs shot off entirely, shattered bills, splintered wings, pellets through eyes and gunshot lodged in organs, muscles and tendons. This is grotesque cruelty and wounded birds face a slow, painful death.

Recreational duck shooting has been banned by Labor Premiers – Carmen Lawrence in WA (1990), Bob Carr in NSW (1995) and Peter Beattie in Queensland (2005), because of the cruelty.

There is no scientific justification for the killing. It is purely a recreational slaughter that takes place in order to accommodate duck shooters who comprise just 0.4 per cent of Victoria’s population.

It is not ‘sport’. Sport is a contest between equals. Ducks are not willing participants.

Shooting animals or birds for recreation is no longer socially acceptable. 

It is time for the Victorian Labor government to catch up and ban recreational duck shooting.

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