petition for the request of reinstating high valued and great teacher, Donna Wray.

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We understand that prof. Donna Wray has made the decision to resign and we feel that her decision was made in haste, especially we are all concerned about this matter as we are approaching the end of our first semester, we don’t imagine achieving the Diploma of Justice without the involvement of Donna Wray.

Donna has been a teacher at Chisholm Institute for the past four years, her wealth of knowledge and credentials saw her complete the guidelines and modules for the Diploma of Justice. However, in recent months, Donna was told she must look after twelve subjects this equates to approximately 400 students without any reprieve or a replacement teacher.
She didn’t want to disappoint her classes and took on the additional workload on a condition her contract would be renegotiated.

Under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), it may be deemed to be an unfair dismissal if the employer asks the employee to resign or creates a situation where the employee is given no other option but to resign. Donna Wray was forced to resign on the 5th of April 2019, due a workplace dispute between Chisholm institute and her. As she felt her worth wasn’t recognized and a decline of her personal health in the last few weeks. Donna Wray was asked to sign a contract with a base salary much lower than $63k that a graduate student would make as a high school teacher.

We don’t think it needs to explain the inadequacies of this. Especially as this course is fully funded by the government to those that meet the criteria.

We are concerned when we see that a highly valued teacher of our institute should be made to feel that the best choice is to leave.

Donna is a teacher with a great amount of knowledge and wonderful teaching ability. She brings life, knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity to all her lectures as well as a passion for teaching.The designs of her courses are very amazing and outlined in detailed information to allow her students to have a better understanding of the course.

The skill we are able to obtain by her guidance includes responsibility, critical thinking and initiative. Donna has been a big inspiration and has constantly motivated us to achieve to the highest of our capability.

We all stand with Donna Wray to allow her to continue enriching the lives of hundreds of students.

Please let’s show our support to reconsider the decision.

All students from Diploma of Justice, Chisholm

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