Stop Coke and Lion taking over our 10c drink container refund schemes

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Coca Cola and Lion spent millions of dollars trying to stop Australia having a  container deposit scheme (CDS) to tackle litter and increase recycling. They paid for misleading full page adverts; took legal action to stop governments implementing a CDS; threatened politicians at election time; and commissioned dodgy economic studies. They simply hated the CDS, while all the time allowing their bottles and cans to litter our parks, streets, waterways and oceans. After many years of campaigning, the community finally won. 

Now Coke and Lion want to run Victoria's new CDS and would like to control all those in other states. Would you trust them?

No way! They dominate the CDS in Queensland and it's turning into an inefficient and inconvenient program. Why? Because if they can limit the amount of containers returned for recycling, they save millions of dollars in CDS fees and get to keep your deposit!

The Victorian government is about to decide on who will run their CDS. We need to tell them it should be managed by people who are solely focused on maximising the amount of recycling and minimising litter and waste. Please sign this petition.

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