Victoria is experiencing a housing crisis. Every Victorian Should Have a Home

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COVID-19 has caused so much uncertainty for so many people. If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted, it is the importance of a home. Yet Victoria is experiencing a housing crisis. The numbers of people presenting to homelessness services has doubled in some areas during the pandemic.  Loss of work has meant that thousands of households are experiencing homelessness for the first time. 

The most difficult aspects of experiencing homelessness as described by a single mother:

"This has just affected my ability to be in the present moment with my children. Feelings of worry and anxiety about where we will live. Feeling outside of the rest of the world who have secure housing. Not being able to give my child things because I can't afford to."

The impact of being without a home is devastating. Those experiencing homelessness have said that homelessness is:  traumatic, destabilising, distressing, and harmful to their physical and mental health. It also makes it harder for them to care for children, find employment, and makes it impossible to plan a future.

The last Census showed that nearly 25,000 Victorians are without a home, that many Victorians are living in severely overcrowded situations and that nearly 20% of all Victorians are living in housing stress, creating insecurity in their housing situation.

The pandemic has highlighted that we are all vulnerable and potentially at risk of experiencing homelessness. It could happen to you or someone you know.

If we do not address the bigger issues of housing supply and affordability in Victoria, we will find that more and more people will be forced to sleep in cars, in severe overcrowding and on our streets.

So what do we need to address the current housing crisis?

We need:

  • A monumental boost to social and public housing 

    Victoria needs 166,000 new social housing properties by 2036. (Research shows that the cheapest way to produce more social housing is for the Government to build it. The current need to stimulate the economy provides a wonderful opportunity to boost the construction industry, one of Australia’s biggest employers. See information about the proposed Social Housing Acceleration and Renovation Program.     

  •  Legislation that requires a portion of any new housing development to be allocated to those awaiting this housing (otherwise known as inclusionary zoning).
  • Construction of innovative temporary accommodation that is safe and self-contained  for those people who have nowhere safe to live whilst they await construction of social housing.        

What can you do?

So PLEASE, sign the  "Every Victorian Should Have Home" petition. Together we CAN make a difference and End Homelessness. 

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