Victoria is experiencing a housing crisis. Every Victorian Should Have a Home

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Every Victorian Should Have A Home

Thanks to all of you who have signed the petition. Unfortunately the federal budget did not deliver any good news re: social housing. We have not given up! Please share this petition link with all your family, friends, neighbours & work colleagues. 

Homelessness has been a concern for many Victorians for years but unfortunately not for policy makers. The solution has been clear - we need more housing. With COVID19 putting the magnifying glass on our social structures we can clearly see the cracks that are now becoming crevices. When we imagine homelessness, our minds go to rough sleepers and not to the many living in overcrowded and inadequate housing, couch surfers or victims/survivors of Domestic & Family Violence. 

Homelessness can touch anyone and will touch many more people in 2021. We as Australians will be balancing on the edge of the “cliff”. Do we fall in or do we demand more from our leaders? The time is now to come together to support each other. Help send a clear message to our leaders that we want less talk and more action to support our communities.

Northern & Western Homelessness Network
2 months ago