Maximum Punishment for crimes that cause the death of women

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Sentencing laws must be changed and the maximum punishment for crimes that cause the death of women in our society must be enforced. The recent grossly inadequate sentence handed down by Justice Beale for the murder of Karen Ristevski is yet another example of complete injustice. Mandatory sentencing must be introduced for murder and violent crimes against women. The continued appalling judgements and manifestly inadequate sentencing handed out by the judiciary continue to see the law working in the favour of the defendant, not the victim. This includes plea bargaining to reduce sentences for murder, concurrent sentencing for multiple crimes and decisions in domestic violence whereby the fact the victim was known to the perpetrator is considered a lesser crime.

The following women have been murdered by men in Victoria in 2018/2019 and this list does not include all women whose lives have been so brutally taken away:

Emily Miller, 31
Kym Taylor, 37
Dannyll Goodsell, 33
Gayle Potter, 46
Samantha Fraser, 38
Laa Chol, 19
Fatima Batool (age unknown)
Amanda Harris, 36
Eurydice Dixon, 22
Caroline Willis, 69
Simone Fraser, 57
Katherine Daley, 29
Le Ngoc Le, 77
Radmilla Stevonovic, 65
Mary Freeman, 41
Antonia Tatchell, 43
Aiia Maasarwe, 21
Vicki Ramadan, 77

We send our deepest and heartfelt sympathies to their families, however we know this is not enough. Enough is enough, it is time to act.

*Names of victims have been collated through the work of 'Destroy the Joint, Counting Dead Women Australia' a "national toll" of women killed by violence.