Let Melbourne Dog Walking Businesses get back to work!

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Under the current restrictions, the majority of professional dog walking businesses are either operating far lower than capacity or are unable to operate at all due to eligibility criteria being unreasonably stringent.

We provide a valuable service with little to no human contact to help manage the already stressful challenges of life to, amongst others, the elderly, those at risk with auto immune diseases etc, families with small children, people working long hours but not long enough to be deemed eligible, medical professionals, people with injuries and disabilities.

Jobkeeper is of course helpful to those who are eligible (non-citizens are sadly excluded) but for most does not compare to our regular income which is causing immense stress, anxiety and depression within our industry. In an industry which is predominantly female and has been a way of returning to work for many of us, allowing us flexibility we are fearful that this may be lost.

This extended lockdown is going to have long term detrimental effects not only to our mental health but also to our individual (tax paying) businesses, and as a result the economy at large.

We are seeing people from other industries with similar levels of human contact or far more contact returning to work or continuing to work throughout (i.e, cafe’s/restaurants) and we ask that although our industry is small in comparison that we are treated with the same respect and consideration as larger industries.

Also... we really miss our furry friends <3