Legalise Dog Sports in Victoria.

Legalise Dog Sports in Victoria.

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In the state of Victoria it is currently Illegal to participate in certain dog sports. 

The sports being IPO/IGP, PSA & Mondeoring. 

By definition of the sports in question the animals that participate in these sports are highly driven working breeds and only the extremely stable and clear headed animals are able to train and compete in the training and trials. 

The listed dog sports are legal in most other Australian states & I believe it should also be in Victoria. 

I believe any training must occur with a registered trainer or club on private and secure grounds to prevent the uneducated becoming involved and misconstrue the activity of the sport. 

These animals are athletes and deserve the chance to participate in drive fulfilment exercises. 

These animals are of an elite level of training to partake in these sports and are under a very high level of control due to proven and tested training methods. 

Highly trained animals that are under a high level of control are actually safer than an average pet dog with the same genetics, so why not follow suit with our sister states and legalise dog sports under registered clubs or trainers on private grounds to allow the animals to complete drive fulfilling activities. 

Please sign the petition to show your support & any assistance with the correct department to approach would be appreciated.