Legalise and Regulate Cannabis in Victoria (for those over the age of 18/21)

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I am strongly against the fact that Victoria wants to be the leading supplier in Australia in terms of Cannabis while denying it to 97% of its citizens. Victoria should not only decriminalise the drug, but also legalise and regulate it.

Cannabis is a largely harmless drug, even more so than already regulated drugs such as nicotine or alcohol, drugs that are not only regulated but also cause harm to the user and provide very little health benefits in return. Cannabis (if used over the age of 21) actually benefits the user, with studies showing it fights anxiety, muscle spasms, Dravets syndrome, derivatives of it even help fight cancer.

But all is not lost. In fact there is even an inquiry going on at the moment in the victorian parliament into the matter, with the Road and Community Safety Committee giving the government a 50 page report on different ways to respond/deal with the issue, of which 11 of the 50 responses is for the decriminalisation of the drug, with recommendation #23 being the one that fully legalises it. This is Inquiry finishes by the 28th of September, and if we get a large enough amount of people to sign this, we can then send this to each victorian electorate, the premier, the minister for health and the police commissioner in an effort to convince them to legalise the drug. And I highly recommend that those of you that are passionate about the issue do the same. More details on the matter can be found on this reddit post.

By signing this petition, you are for recommendation #23, or the full legalisation of cannabis in Victoria.   

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