Legalisation of Personal Carry Pepper Spray

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In Victoria, it is illegal for anyone to carry personal defence weapons such as pepper spray. Alternatives suggested by Victoria Police are personal alarm devices, such as whistles, where you can alert people near by that you are being attacked, but have nothing yourself to repel the attacker. Under Schedule 3 of the Control of Weapons Regulations 2001 (Vic)  It is illegal to hold weapons that

An article designed or adapted to discharge oleoresin capsicum spray.

An article designed or adapted to emit or discharge an offensive, noxious or irritant liquid, powder, gas or chemical so as to cause disability, incapacity or harm to another person.

As a Victorian, I like many of you feel that this law does not represent us as citizens of Victoria. Recently we have had two women who were assaulted in Melbourne and tragically one of those girls lost her life. I urge all Victorians to sign this petition that we the people, call for the removal of Schedule 3 Section 20 and 21 from the "Control of Weapons Regulations 2001 (Vic)"

Victorians should have the right to carry nonlethal personal protection weapons to defend themselves in an attack, as personal alarm devices are not only degrading, but overall ineffective.


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