Keep kids in classrooms not courtrooms

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Youth Crime in Victoria is escalating, there is no discrimination in terms of who is targeted. We all see the News, Social Media and other of medium's which choose to report these heinous acts. In many cases incidences are not reported to the broader community.

A call for tougher laws is certainly an aspect that must be considered as laws create the deter-ant. Currently too many excuses are used for the violent offenders and they freed from our court system, yet is this enough?

The court system must up hold and deal with these offenders in line with community expectation - in current times we know the courts are letting us all down if not encouraging others to commit crime knowing nothing happens when they are caught and then court!

However Enough is not the solution in fact its part of the problem, the misguided and unsupported youth of today can be given superior guidance through much better engagement opportunities and mentoring program's the option should also be considered as an alternative as our Youth should remain in the classroom and not the courtroom. Where does it all start - education and good orderly life skill sets should commence in the home and be reinforced via the education system we attend as youth!

Such broader thinking in dealing with these issues must be sort. Mr Andrews i put this forward to you to consider looking at this situation differently what we are currently doing is not encouraging nor shifting change. Invest, engage and lead our youth of today!

Keep our youth in the classroom not in the courtroom