Kangaroo meat approved for human consumption, when so many have been lost already

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The Victorian Government has just approved Kangaroo meat for human consumption! The slaughter begins on New Years Day, 2021!!!!

SO many of our Kangaroos have already disappeared through the devastating fires, destruction of their habitat and being murdered for pet food. Those of us who notice and care, have definitely seen less and less of these amazing creatures in our neighbourhoods and the environment.

We have witnessed the cruelty of shooters "culling" and collecting Kangaroos for the animal meat industry, and now they will murder even more for $$$$

There are so many untruths about Kangaroos, and they certainly DO NOT breed like rabbits. A female only has one Joey a year, and often that will not survive. 

Daniel Andrew's Government is allowing more and more of these unique, beautiful and threatened animals to be "harvested" for meat despite not even releasing Kangaroo population and quota estimates for 2021, and the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment have authorised the export of Kangaroo products for foreign markets.

Please let Daniel Andrews and his Government know that these precious animals cannot be used and abused in such horrid ways all for greed!