Life Imprisonment for Rapists... Justice for Aiia

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Bereft for life families, shattered communities and one precious life snuffed out. These are the results of one persons' actions, pre-meditated or impulsive. Why then is this person - a monstrous threat to society - allowed to walk free after only 3-5 years in jail? Why is it they are given a new lease on life at the expense of another’s? What is this justice system? Why are we not questioning it? And more so, why are we allowing it?
Is this the Free and Safe Australia that hundreds of thousands of students, migrants and local community aspire to be a part of?
Now and only now is the time for the Australian/Victorian Government to change the laws for Rapists who destroy our society. These monsters in disguise who ruin lives and make your own backyard unsafe need to be behind bars for good. They don’t deserve another shot at life, when they haven’t given anyone else the same fighting chance.