Increase the safety of children - Government must take responsibility!

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It is thought by many who work in the field or those who have come into contact with the Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria that they have substantial  information on child sex offenders.

We seek a justice scheme to identify and where possible prosecute offenders that were named by children who were then charged with being  "exposed to moral danger".  The majority of the alleged offenders were not prosecuted at the time - but the children were!. We request that the Victorian Parliament consider what legal options are still available and whether these offenders are still a threat to children and the community.

"Until the early 1990's (in Victoria) the Children's Court did not distinguish between the child protection and criminal matters it handled". [See "Victoria will address 'historical injustice' of criminal records for former wards of the state"
By Danny Tran - ]   As a result children who were abused and sexually assaulted prior to this time were charged with being "exposed to moral danger". In most cases, offenders went free whilst the child victims were left with a criminal charge and locked up in juvenile detention; in Victoria, this included facilities such as Turana, Winlaton and Baltara [For further information regarding these institutions and the harm that was done to children, see Report of CASE Study No. 30 The response of Turana, Winlaton and Baltara, and the Victoria Police and the Department of Health and Human Services (and its relevant predecessors), Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, April, 2016.].

It is deeply disturbing to know that children who were the victims of this criminal abuse were locked up whilst it is likely that in many cases the offenders went free. I cannot begin to imagine the harm this has done to those children and believe we have a responsibility to address the human rights violations that occurred.

The Victorian Government is moving to have the charges of "exposed to moral danger" expunged.  This is critical as the criminal records these victims of crime have lived with have affected their lives in many complex ways.  [See "Victoria will address 'historical injustice' of criminal records for former wards of the state"
By Danny Tran - ]

More is needed! 

We call for a justice scheme which involves former care leavers in determining what will assist them to move on from these injustices.  Also, for the ongoing safety of children it is imperative that there is a Government commitment to investigate the crimes committed against them these children (now adults).  As part of this suggested justice scheme any names of possible offenders should as a matter of law be handed over to the Reportable Conduct Scheme [ for investigation to ensure that these former offenders are not a threat to children.  It is critical this occurs to assist in the protection of our children and support victim/survivors of the crime of child abuse.