Give Victorian "Law abiding citizens" the right to protect themselves in there home!

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I find it Disgusting that "Law abiding Victorian Citizens" are not allowed to protect themselves in there own homes! It is illegal to wear a protective vest on your own private property even in the event of a break in! We are asking for the state government to "GIVE THE POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE" who simply want to feel safe in there own homes and be able to protect there loved ones with less chance of "serious injury to the victim and the criminal" We are simply asking for the right to wear protective vests on our own property NOT ON THE STREET! Too many times we hear of the elderly becoming victims of rape or physical abuse from low lives who break into there private space and leave a person not prepared and vulnerable, parents going to jail for trying to protect there children or even worse, getting killed just trying to do the right thing! It's time for a change!!!!