Funding for all Autistic children

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So to be Autistic and have an IQ  Below 70 is ok you can probably get funding and apply for special schools. Through primary school my son has had level 3 funding (mind you level 4 Is the highest) ...

My son has always had behavioural problems right through his mainstream education he has never made an actual friend and has always played on his own and been bullied to some degree...

So next year he is  start  high school and this Government most likely will not give him funding.What does that mean? He will go without an aide in the classroom!!!

I will tell you right now ,alot of kids already struggle to concentrate and focus in class but a child on the spectrum ie. My son is going to be completely lost.. 

This Government needs to help these children transition from primary to secondary with some sort of help and guidance.

Please help me change these stupid cognitive tests they do they don't tell the true story..

Thank you