Don't Raise the Rail - Upfield Line

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Don't raise the Rail - Moreland and Coburg / Upfield line. 

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The Petitioners request the abandonment of the RAIL OVER ROAD option and an overwhelming preference for RAIL UNDER ROAD as the only appropriate and acceptable solution to level crossing removal at Moreland Road, Brunswick and Bell Street, Coburg and other Upfield line stations in the future. 

We support improved public infrastructure however we DO NOT SUPPORT RAIL OVER ROAD elevated rail lines for Moreland and Coburg Stations for reasons that include: 

  • Unacceptable detrimental impact and disregard for the heritage listed national trust station buildings and our local heritage 
  • Creation of unappealing spaces that increase personal risk and safety (an issue especially at night for women given current events in our area) and encourage criminal activity
  • Inappropriate and unacceptable height, scale and visual bulk
  • Detrimental impact on neighbourhood character 
  • Overshadowing and overlooking residential properties causing loss of privacy 
  • Significant loss of property value 
  • Increased dispersion of airborne pollution 
  • Significant increased noise levels 
  • Increased light spill 

 Further, at the recent consultations : 

  • Insufficient information was presented to fully inform local residents. 
  • Further design development should not proceed without proper representation to the public and community of the true impacts. 

 Elsewhere consultations seem to have served only an illusion of choice with damning reports as to the validity of consultations or genuine interest in the community’s feedback. 

The solution will be in place for decades and we should be considering the best built outcome for future generations.

Let’s make clear our willingness to take action and make our strong preference and stance at this early stage. 

We support the RAIL UNDER ROAD option as the only appropriate and acceptable solution for the removal of level crossings at Moreland Road, Brunswick and Bell Street, Coburg. 


Photo source: Herald Sun 'Skyrail works along Merric Lane in Carnegie come incredibly close to houses'. Photo Alex Coppel



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