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Do the crime do the time

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Judges need to sentence offenders closer to the maximum penalty.

No more leniency when sentencing offenders.

What is the value of a persons life?

When an offender takes someone’s life, how can this be valued when a Judge sentences them?

Stephen Sismanalogu killed my daughter and severely injured her friend by hooning, he also seriously injured the passenger in his car.

The car that Annika was driving was hit with such force that it spun and slammed into a tree and ended up in a banana shape wrapped around a tree.

Annika suffered severe head injuries and ultimately died of these injuries ten months later. Ella had her pelvis smashed and continues to suffer to this day.


The offender received the following sentence:

            21 Months Juvenile Detention

            Two Years Community Correction order

            250 Hours Community Service order

            30 months license disqualification served concurrently.

 When released from prison he will be without his license for nine months, he will have to clean graffiti for 7 weeks and he is done!

Eligibility for parole needs a rethink.

Parole should not exceed 20% of sentence!

o   The courts when sentencing need to place greater emphasis on the loss or injury sustained by victims and their families and less on the defendant’s rights and their prospects for rehabilitation.

o   Defendant’s get sentencing discounts for plea bargaining; for pleading guilty; for showing remorse; for good character  but courts don’t place sufficient value when sentencing of the human tragedy of the innocent life lost or the person seriously injured and the impact on families of those hurt.

o   It should be a privilege not a right to be able to drive a car and when an offender is guilty of a serious driving crime the system needs to change to make it harder for them to re obtain their license.

o   Once they plead guilty their licence should be automatically cancelled as to what happens with serious drink driving or excessive speed offences.

o   Driver cancelations need to commence from when they are out of jail not when they are inside jail and not using a car. E.g In our case the offender had his licence cancelled for 33/24/18months for the three offences but all were to be served concurrently and then 21months was served when in Youth Detention Centre when he can’t access a car anyway.  Effectively he lost access to his car for 12 months.

o   Increased registrations/car licences fees for those who cause road deaths/serious injuries of others for a period of time; If you are an at fault driver with a motor repair claim your insurance premium goes up. Yet the people who cost the community huge amounts of dollars have no loading on their registration or licence premium. Why shouldn’t the community recoup some of the costs from the offender?

 o   Community Service orders for serious driving crimes need to be better focussed upon undertaking  tasks related to the offence

o   At the moment CSO focus on things like graffiti removal or parks and gardens work when instead they should have the offender helping as an orderly in a trauma ward or involved in speaking at schools trying to influence young drivers not to commit these offences.

 ·      Mates and girlfriends need to speak out and say no to hoon driving

o   Hoon driving kills and injuries innocent road users.

o   It is predominantly young male drivers who engage in hoon activity

We believe there needs to be a public campaign based around mate and girlfriend (peer) pressure to stop these types of hooning activities occurring. One of the key causes of this accident was a bald tyre

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