Container Deposit Scheme in Victoria !

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Environment matters! It affects us all!

Have a walk in your neighbourhood and it is almost guaranteed that you will see drink containers on the ground. Enough!

Plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminium cans - millions of them dropped in the environment each year....

How can we stop this? Simple!

A container deposit scheme - basically giving a value to empty drink containers - let's say 10 cents - will dramatically change people's behaviour and address one of the main issue our state has to deal with when it comes to waste management.

While the recycling industry is facing an unprecedented crisis, we have simple, proven and effective solutions which can be implemented while reducing waste, creating jobs and supporting community groups.

States with such scheme have a collection rate higher than 80%. Community groups, charities and individuals taking advantage of such a scheme have raised massive funds to support their respective needs - we are talking MILLIONS!

Not only such a scheme will make our State much cleaner, but it will also have a massive positive impact on our environment. Once plastic bottles break down, they end up killing thousands of animals each year and it has been demonstrated that micro plastics are now found in all living organisms in the ocean which means that the entire food chain is contaminated.

With a very limited upfront investment, a container deposit scheme will rapidly generate benefits for councils and have a positive knock-on on the entire recycling industry in Victoria.

it should be a no brainer, but for unexplained reasons (lobby from large manufacturers of soft drinks?), our State Government has failed us and is only willing to 'monitor other states'. IT IS NOT ENOUGH!

We want a CDS in Victoria and we want it NOW!

Tell Dan Andrews and his Government that people of Victoria want them to ACT!

Please sign and share widely as we all want to make Victoria a better place!

Thanks for your support.