Buddy system for people who live alone during lockdown

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For people who are living alone during this stage 3 and now stage 4 pandemic in Victoria the government has made it clear that you must stay at home and not see anyone outside of your household. However, this is detrimental to a persons mental health if they are living alone. We, as humans, are not suppose to be left is self isolation for long periods of time. 

I would like to take a moment to compare this to people who are in relationships. 2 people who are in a relationship are allowed to see one another, despite the fact that they could both still live at home with their parents and siblings and will not be social distancing while seeing one another. However, someone who lives alone and is either working from home or is not working due to the lockdown is not able to have a visit from anyone, even for their own sanity and mental health. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

This petition is to bring awareness that there is a large number of people who live on their own and may potentially struggle in the next 6 weeks (a total of 9 weeks including stage 3 lockdown). In New Zealand they created what was called a “buddy system” where they could connect with another person who lived alone and they would be able to see them and only them, so that they could support one another during these very tough times. 

Scott Morrison and Dan Andrews, please think about people’s mental health throughout this season. Please think about people who live alone in complete isolation and please allow them to be supported by someone throughout this time, just as you have allowed partners to see each other and support each other. Please allow a buddy system of some sort in Victoria for people who live alone.

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