Bring back Brass, Woodwind and Singing in all Victorian Schools

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I write to the Premier of Victoria as a matter of urgency!

As Victorian schools gradually transition from remote and flexible learning to face to face teaching, the government has banned all wind instruments and singing in schools statewide. With students across the state excited to be returning to school, this comes as a heavy blow to so many students who rely on school music programs to engage with school, engage with their peers and improve their mental health.

After months of remote and flexible learning, students have been heavily impacted on the social, emotional and financial constraints during lockdown and now more than ever, music is desperately needed in schools to help curb the sharp rise in mental health issues in our youth. For many students, music is all that they can connect with.

By banning specific categories of instruments, this will have a devastating impact on the social and emotional wellbeing of all students, not to mention severely impacting employment of many music staff in casual positions and the survival of instrumental music programs across the state.

I desperately write to the Premier of Victoria, for the wellbeing of our students, please reinstate singing and wind instruments in schools with COVID-safe plans where students can safely sing or play. As it stands, there have been NO REPORTS OF TRANSMISSION OF COVID-19 THROUGH PLAYING OF INSTRUMENTS/SINGING IN VICTORIAN SCHOOLS. With the right COVID-safe plan put in place, ALL music students can enjoy the many benefits that music can bring, especially after the many months of remote and flexible learning.

All students deserve to play their instrument at school regardless of the instrument that they play. As Victoria emerges from a very hard and challenging lockdown, music is more important than ever for the wellbeing of our future generation.