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Ban plastic bags

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Plastic bags are everywhere in our environment.  Several cities and states globally have begun banning the use of plastic bags while some have got restricted laws against the use of plastic bags because of the negative effects of the use of their usage. Victoria hasn’t banned them yet, and we are all expecting that to change.

 There are approx. 46,000-1,000,000 plastic fragments floating within every square mile of the globes oceans. There is even one island made entirely out of plastic and rubbish, that most people don’t know about, called the GPGP (Great Pacific garbage patch). It is double the size of Texas already, and is growing rapidly. Plastic bags disintegrate over 1,000 years. The number of plastic bags there outnumber the amount of marine life nearby there 6 to 1.

 Plastic bags can kill and seriously harm animals, especially those that live in the ocean. We might throw them out, or even when they are in the tip, they can find their way down to our oceans, and wrap themselves around unsuspecting dolphins’ mouths, or other creatures can eat them. Over 1,000,000 seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals die a year.


Plastic bags can absorb toxic chemicals from other types of ocean pollution, therefore poisoning whoever eats it. Plastic does not degrade; instead, it breaks down into progressively smaller pieces, but never disappears.  It poses a significant health threat to the various sea creatures, and to the entire marine ecosystem. Overall, plastic is the number one source of pollution in the ocean.


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