Ballarat needs a second public hospital

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Members of parliament say there's no need for Ballarat to have a second public hospital. I'm yet to find a single member of the public who agrees with that statement. Even when asked about starting infrastructure or plans or even picking a spot where they'd put it; the answer is just ballarat doesn't need it.

"We've given extra funding to the base"   by the time this construction is finished it will be outdated and needing redoing again 

"The smaller areas Base services (marybourgh, ararat ect) are now updated enough they're communities don't need to rely on the base".    Some towns don't even have a Dr on site 24/7; the nurses have to call them in for help!

"It's just not required any time soon"

The population of ballarat and it's surrounding areas is increasing everyday. The health system in ballarat is already overstretched and will only get worse if action isnt taken.

If you think ballarat needs a second hospital please sign and share story's of wait times; rushed discharges and an overworked hospital below!