Allow private one-on-one vacant home inspections during Victorian lockdown

Allow private one-on-one vacant home inspections during Victorian lockdown

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Wendy Chamberlain started this petition to Daniel Andrews (Premier of Victoria) and

The Andrews Government and Victorian premier Daniel Andrews have imposed a statewide lockdown on all Victorians. 

Initially scheduled to end at 11.59pm on Thursday 2nd September, statewide lockdown #6 has been extended without any firm end date in sight (there is no guarantee of restrictions easing on 23rd September).

In Victoria (Australia), you cannot leave your home unless it is for one of five approved reasons. Those reasons are: shopping for essentials; authorised work, if you cannot work from home, or education; exercise for up to two hours; care giving, compassionate and medical reasons; and to get vaccinated.

In-person home buying inspections are banned. In-person auctions are banned.

In-person home rental inspections are banned.

The lockdown restrictions are impacting every day Victorians trying to fulfill a basic, vital human need:  shelter

Shelter provides security. Shelter provides safety. Shelter provides protection.

Every Victorian deserves the right to find safe, suitable shelter. To find a home.

Without the benefit of being able to conduct a physical inspection, many renters, rental providers, home buyers and home sellers are being left with alternatives that for many are resulting in financial loss, stress, risk and adverse impacts to their mental health. Examples include:

  • renters financially impacted by lockdowns unable to inspect more affordable alternatives
  • home sellers with looming settlements now struggling to look for a new home under lockdown
  • renters legally required to leave their rental but unable to personally inspect a suitable new rental or find a home to buy
  • home buyers worried about being priced out of the market left with the alternative of having to buy properties after only viewing them online
  • rental providers left with empty homes and mortgages to pay as renters understandably remain reluctant to sign a new lease without a personal inspection

The REIV has put forward a proposal to the Andrews Government, asking for COVID safe property inspections to take place, to allow people to put a roof over their heads.


One on one private inspections of homes can be done safely within COVID safe guidelines, which include:

  • social distancing
  • the wearing of masks
  • the use of hand sanitiser
  • strict private inspection booking and tracking
  • contactless inspections: only real estate agents opening/touching doors and cupboards or demonstrating fixtures

The inspection of vacant homes via a one-on-one private appointment under COVID safe rules should be allowed. 

Other settings have been deemed essential during lockdown (eg: supermarkets, bottle shops) yet those settings can present a far greater health risk should people congregate or fail to maintain social distancing.

If the need for food is considered essential, how is the need to seek and obtain shelter not equally considered essential? 

With no firm date for ending lockdown #6 in sight, not to mention further snap lockdowns looming at any moment, the need to inspect a home to rent or buy for many has reached a critical juncture. Many Victorians are at breaking point.

We ask that all Victorians be given the opportunity to fulfill a basic fundamental need: to find a home. We ask for your support to bring awareness to this vital, essential need.

With gratitude, we thank you for taking the time to consider lending your support and voice to this important issue.  It is appreciated.




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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!