Cosmic Fog Apologize Turkish Vapers

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Dear Cosmic Fog ,
We Turkish Vapers have been purchasing your products for many years. Your brand was well-known among us untill yesterday. We all  have seen and come to realize that you blamed one of our friend selling counterfeit products while not sharing any evidence.
As we clearly seen during his live broadcasting there are 2 recorded phone calls were made with your company staff and we felt very embarrased of being put in the same category of cocain dealers, (ethical) smugglers, Captain Jack Sparrow and pirates.
You need to know that we Turkish vapers including sellers and consumers are not drug dealers, drug addictives and so on.
We clearly state that unless you do not make an official Apology for us WE WILL NEVER EVER consume/sell one single bottle of your products and will let all International Vapers to be aware of this case..

Respectly yours
Turkish Vape Community